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USA Data Center Launched

01 Nov
At our most significant announcement in a long time, we are delighted to share that the USA now has its own primary data center. Contact us now to learn more about USA data centers!

Timeline Backups PRO is here!

10 Oct
We have added ✰ EMAIL BACKUPS ✰ and Extended the ✰ DATABASE BACKUP ✰ Retention to 60 Days with Timeline Backup PRO. Easy CLONE ⇌ STAGING available, thanks to Clone a site between hosting packages feature. CONTACT US today to sign up at special introductory rate!

PHP Updates

15 April
PHP has been updated to its latest versions: 7.4.29, 8.0.18 and 8.1.5 across our shared servers. More information about these updates, please check php.net.

PHP v8.1 is Here!

16 December
The new version of PHP v8.1 – is now available on Hosting Control Panel (HCP). You can change a website to the latest version using Change PHP Version in HCP.

Also, prior versions of PHP updated to their latest releases: 7.3.33 (the last in the 7.3 branch), 7.4.26, 8.0.13. Further details about the new version and the updates can be found at php.net.

Email Subaddress

1st October
Now you can add a ‘+’ to the mailbox name to get emails to go to a defined folder. So yourname+invoices@mydomain.com would go the ‘invoices’ folder automatically.

You can turn it on at Email Account Settings.

Web Builder Platform is Now Available

1st September
Create Professional websites with one-click with no coding experience with Web Builder Maxx plan. Professional mobile friendly templates with tons of modules including ecommerce, live chat, appointment booking, ticketing and many more. Try now »

Website Builder Upgrade

20th July
Website Builder has been upgraded. Also improvements to the UI, the latest version includes more themes, libraries, fonts and ways to create a website without coding.

PHP 8.0 is Live and other PHP updates

26th November
PHP 8.0 is now available to upgrade-to. Also, PHP 7.4 has been updated to 7.4.13 and 7.3 to 7.3.25.

PHP 8.0 is a major revision, please that you test your site thoroughly after the upgrade. With WordPress it’s only ‘beta compatible’. Please see this post from WordPress.

Information on PHP changes can be found on PHP.net.