STEP 7. Revolut Campaign Payment

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You must use your Revolut pysical/virtual card regitered with link given by us.


  1. Registrant must be over 18 years old.
  2. This product has a 30 days return policy with limitations. Any third party product such as domain name and SSL certificates are not covered with this guarantee.
  3. Unlimited SSL certificates are the per-domain basis that only valid for Fast Moose hosting servers and non-transferrable.
  4. All information submitted here is subject to our (Fast Moose) privacy policy.
  5. After successful checkout, you will receive your product within 24 hours.
  6. Product renewal will be one year from the date of registration and an annual payment of £89.90 for 3 platforms applicable.
  7. Client can downgrade the package at a special price or terminate the account before it’s expiry.
    1. Downgrade to 2 platforms (Renewals @ £69.90)
    2. Downgrade to 1 platform (Renewals @ £49.90)
    3. Price lock guarantee is given for at least 2 renewals on stated prices above.
  8. DELIVERY: Agency Reseller Account will be activated within 24 hours for all registratrants regadless which promo option selected.

Revolut £1 Promotion Terms

IMPORTANT: Steps must be completed in the sequence as shown below. Failure to follow the exact sequence may disqualify your Revolut registration and require you to top up the MEGA DISCOUNT amount.

  1. Registrant must be the first timer for the Revolut with no prior application to Revolut.
  2. Registrant must complete following steps of Revolut application after checkout.

    1. Go to the following link and complete the registration. Register Here »
    2. Download the mobile application.
    3. Confirm identity with a photo ID and selfie.
    4. Order a physical card.
    5. Order virtual card.
    6. Top up minium amount £10 to your Revolut account. (This amount different at each country)
    7. Make £1 payment for reseller purchase, using the Revolut virtual or physical card. Purchase must be completed latest by 24 hours of this campaign ends.
      Link to £1 purchase »
  3. In case of failure of activation of Revolut with steps above, you may either pay £49.95 Mega Promo amout or terminate the account.

Revolut £49.95 Promotion Terms

  1. Mega discount price is £49.95 (Retail Price £230.89).
  2. Renewal fees stated above on General Terms of Sales.
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